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Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NxornPython library for high-level object manipulation
 Nbase64Reading and writing base64-encoded data
 NcommandInfrastructure for xorn command-line scripts
 NfileutilsWriting files in a safe way
 NfixednumFixed-point numbers
 NgedaWorking with gEDA schematics and symbols
 NattribAttribute parsing and lookup
 NclibThe component library system
 NfileformatFile formats
 NnetlistGenerating gEDA netlists
 NbackendHandling netlist backends
 NblueprintNetlists for individual schematic files
 NconnFind and track the connections between net segments
 NguileScheme API for retrieving netlist information
 NinstanceBuilding one hierarchical netlist from instantiated sheet blueprints
 NnetGrouping local nets with the same name into a net
 NnetlistMain entry point for netlist generation
 NpackageGrouping components with the same refdes into a package
 Npp_graphicalPost-processing: Graphical components
 Npp_hierarchyPost-processing: Hierarchy traversal
 Npp_netattribPost-processing: Artificial pins
 Npp_slottingPost-processing: Slotting mechanism
 NslibSource library
 NplainformatgEDA schematic/symbol file format constants
 NplainreadReading gEDA schematic/symbol files
 NplainwriteWriting gEDA schematic/symbol files
 NreadReading schematic/symbol files
 NrefReferenced symbols and pixmaps
 NwriteWriting schematic/symbol files
 NxmlformatCommon definitions for XML file format
 NxmlreadReading gEDA schematic/symbol files in XML format
 NxmlwriteWriting gEDA schematic/symbol files in XML format
 NguileEmbedding a Guile interpreter
 NhybridnumHybrid fixed-/floating-point numbers
 NproxyHigh-level proxy classes for the storage backend
 NstorageXorn storage backend
 Nxml_writerWriting XML documents