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xorn.geda.netlist.backend Namespace Reference

Handling netlist backends. More...


def list_backends
 Get a sorted list of available backends. More...
def load
 Load a specific netlister backend. More...


string BACKEND_PREFIX = 'gnet_'
 Module name prefix for netlister backends. More...
list load_path = []
 Backend load path. More...

Detailed Description

Handling netlist backends.

After the netlist has been constructed, it is passed to a backend which creates some kind of output based on the information in the netlist. The backend is selected by the user via the command-line option -g BACKEND; a list of available options can be displayed using the command-line option --list-backends.

A backend is a Python file in the special backend load path whose name starts with the prefix "gnet_". It should contain a special function run(f, netlist) as the main entry point.

Function Documentation

def xorn.geda.netlist.backend.list_backends ( )

Get a sorted list of available backends.

Returns a list of available netlister backends by searching for files in each of the directories given in load_path. A module is considered to be a netlister backend if its name begins with BACKEND_PREFIX ("gnet_").

Definition at line 56 of file backend.py.

def xorn.geda.netlist.backend.load (   backend_name)

Load a specific netlister backend.

Searches in the backend load path for a module called gnet_backend_name, loads it, and returns the module object.

The backend module's path is added to the system load path.

ImportErrorif the module could not be loaded

Definition at line 89 of file backend.py.

Variable Documentation

string xorn.geda.netlist.backend.BACKEND_PREFIX = 'gnet_'

Module name prefix for netlister backends.

Only Python modules whose name starts with this prefix are considered netlister backends.

Definition at line 41 of file backend.py.

list xorn.geda.netlist.backend.load_path = []

Backend load path.

A list of directory names in which to search for netlister backends.

Definition at line 47 of file backend.py.