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xorn.geda.xmlformat Namespace Reference

Common definitions for XML file format. More...


string NAMESPACE = 'https://hedmen.org/xorn/schematic/'
list ENUM_BOOLEAN = ['no', 'yes']
list ENUM_CAPSTYLE = ['none', 'square', 'round']
list ENUM_DASHSTYLE = ['solid', 'dotted', 'dashed', 'center', 'phantom']
list ENUM_FILLTYPE = ['hollow', 'fill', 'mesh', 'hatch', 'void']
list ENUM_SHOW_NAME_VALUE = ['name-value', 'value', 'name']
list ENUM_NETTYPE = ['normal', 'bus']

Detailed Description

Common definitions for XML file format.

Variable Documentation

list xorn.geda.xmlformat.ENUM_ALIGNMENT
Initial value:
1 = ['lower-left', 'middle-left', 'upper-left',
2  'lower-middle', 'middle-middle', 'upper-middle',
3  'lower-right', 'middle-right', 'upper-right']

Definition at line 27 of file xmlformat.py.

list xorn.geda.xmlformat.ENUM_BOOLEAN = ['no', 'yes']

Definition at line 22 of file xmlformat.py.

list xorn.geda.xmlformat.ENUM_CAPSTYLE = ['none', 'square', 'round']

Definition at line 23 of file xmlformat.py.

list xorn.geda.xmlformat.ENUM_COLOR
Initial value:
1 = ['background', 'pin', 'net-endpoint', 'graphic', 'net',
2  'attribute', 'logic-bubble', 'dots-grid', 'detached-attribute',
3  'text', 'bus', 'select', 'boundingbox', 'zoom-box', 'stroke',
4  'lock', 'output-background',
5  'freestyle1', 'freestyle2', 'freestyle3', 'freestyle4',
6  'junction', 'mesh-grid-major', 'mesh-grid-minor']

Definition at line 31 of file xmlformat.py.

list xorn.geda.xmlformat.ENUM_DASHSTYLE = ['solid', 'dotted', 'dashed', 'center', 'phantom']

Definition at line 24 of file xmlformat.py.

list xorn.geda.xmlformat.ENUM_FILLTYPE = ['hollow', 'fill', 'mesh', 'hatch', 'void']

Definition at line 25 of file xmlformat.py.

list xorn.geda.xmlformat.ENUM_NETTYPE = ['normal', 'bus']

Definition at line 30 of file xmlformat.py.

list xorn.geda.xmlformat.ENUM_SHOW_NAME_VALUE = ['name-value', 'value', 'name']

Definition at line 26 of file xmlformat.py.

string xorn.geda.xmlformat.NAMESPACE = 'https://hedmen.org/xorn/schematic/'

Definition at line 20 of file xmlformat.py.