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guile.py File Reference

Placeholder file for xorn.guile documentation. More...

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class  xorn.guile.GuileError
 Raised on Guile-related errors. More...
class  xorn.guile.Procedure
 Guile procedure. More...


 Embedding a Guile interpreter.


def xorn.guile.lookup
 Return the variable bound to a symbol. More...
def xorn.guile.define
 Create a top level variable. More...
def xorn.guile.load
 Load a file and evaluate its contents in the top-level environment. More...
def xorn.guile.eval_string
 Parse a string as Scheme and evaluate the expressions it contains, in order, returning the last expression. More...

Detailed Description

Placeholder file for xorn.guile documentation.

This file DOES NOT contain the actual source code of the xorn.guile module. It contains documented stubs of the code from which the Doxygen documentation is generated. For the actual definition of the module, see the Python extension in src/cpython/guile/.

Definition in file guile.py.