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conn.py File Reference

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class  xorn.geda.netlist.conn.ConnectionMap
 Tracks the connections of the net segments in a revision at a time. More...


 Find and track the connections between net segments.


def xorn.geda.netlist.conn.endpoints
 Return the absolute coordinates of the endpoints of a net instance. More...
def xorn.geda.netlist.conn.s_conn_check_midpoint
 Checks if a point is on an orthogonal net segment and between its endpoints. More...
def xorn.geda.netlist.conn.all_net_instances_in_revision
 Returns all net instances in a given revision. More...
def xorn.geda.netlist.conn.all_net_instances_in_object
 Returns all net instances in a given object. More...
def xorn.geda.netlist.conn.s_conn_update_line_object
 Return all connections of a net instance. More...


tuple xorn.geda.netlist.conn.Connection
 A single connection between two objects. More...